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Uppsala is easily reached by train in just 40 minutes from Stockholm and 20 minutes from Arlanda Airport.
To and from the airport, you can continue to Uppsala comfortably by both the airport buses and direct train, with departures from SkyCity. During the day, buses and trains depart twice an hour. And it is just as easy to travel between Uppsala and Stockholm.

We highly recommend you, if possible, to consider traveling to Uppsala by train.

You can find options for your travel within Europe to Uppsala on this website –



BusA bright yellow bus parked outside an entrance marked terminal. Photo.

Bus 801 runs between Arlanda and central Uppsala throughout the day. The journey takes approx. 45 minutes.

You can purchase tickets with a credit card on the bus, but cash is not accepted. There are also vending machines at Arlanda airport terminals 2, 4 and 5 where you can purchase a one way ticket (credit cards only). There is a price reduction when buying tickets from the vending machines compared to onboard the bus.

Time tables and ticket fares

TrainFront of a train passing a platform with people waiting. Photo.

Trains leave Arlanda Airport for Uppsala Central Station directly from Sky City next to Terminal 5. The journey time is approx. 20 minutes.

Tickets may be purchased at the ticket desk in Sky City, or online in advance. Please note that both local commuter trains (SL/UL), and national long distance trains (SJ) operates the distance Arlanda airport – Uppsala. Make sure to enter the correct train, the tickets are not compatible on both train companies.

TaxiA car marked Uppsala Taxi parked in front of the silhouette of Uppsala Cathedral. Photo.

Taxis leave from outside of the arrival hall. The journey time to Uppsala is about 30-35 minutes. Free price setting applies to taxi rides in Sweden since the taxi market is deregulated. Choose the company and car that best suits you, you do not need to take the car that is first in line.

Make sure to ask the driver for a fixed price in advance. You can pay by credit card or by cash. The maximum fixed price to one address in Uppsala for a car 1-4 persons should be SEK 695.

Link to taxi information at Arlanda airport website

We recommend Uppsala Taxi. You can pre-book a taxi on the website: Uppsala Taxi – Online reservation


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