22-24 May, 2024

Uppsala Breast Meeting
Refining and mastering techniques and decision-making
MAY 22, 2024
12:00Lunch and registration
13:00Welcome and Meeting Layout
Andreas Karakatsanis, Per Hellman, Giuseppe Catanuto, Nicola Rocco.
13:15A practical algorithm for Immediate Breast Reconstruction
Nicola Rocco
Thematology: Choice of implant size (“how to measure”)
Implant type (smooth, textured, polyurethane)
Pre- vs Retro- pectoral
ADM or not
1- vs 2- stage
14:00Experiences of TIGR Matrix in breast surgery
Bashar Zeidan
14:20Strategies to prevent implant loss
Farid Meybodi
Management of drains
Early Intervention
Negative Pressure Systems
15:45Shared Decision Making. A structured patient-based approach
Giuseppe Catanuto
Thematology:The theory
Adaptation to patient related factors
Adaptation to clinical scenarios
16:30Bringing people together is bringing knowledge forth
Yazan Masannat
Norrland´s Nation
MAY 23, 2024
08:15Ultrasound for Surgeons. Tips from a breast radiologist
Athanasios Zouzos
08:45Intraoperative ultrasound for lesion localization, axillary surgery and margin assessment
Stefan Paepke
09:30Vascular mapping. Preparing for oncoplastic breast conservation
Peter A. Barry
10:45Ultrasound-based techniques for lesion localization and removal (VAB, VAE Workshop)
Athanasios Zouzos, Stefan Paepke, Per Hellman, Andreas Karakatsanis
12:00Updates in intraoperative margin assessment: what are we looking for? Adnreas Karakatsanis
13:30The simplified LICAP flap. Step to step implementation
Farid Meybodi
14:15Multipedicled NAC for nipple sparing mastectomy
Nicola Rocco
15:30Magtotal 2.0: A totally magnetic approach for oncoplastic breast conservation. Theory and examples
Eirini Pantiora
16:15Vertical and Wise reduction skin patterns. Working horses for breast cancer surgery and contralateral symmetrisation
Giuseppe Catanuto, Andreas Karakatsanis
17:00Panel discussion, selected cases
All faculty
Restaurant Brezza
MAY 24, 2024
08:30Lipofilling in breast surgery. Indications and implementation
Susanna Kauhanen
Thematology:Indications and applications
Local anaesthetic and infiltration
Choice of Cannulas
Processing the fat
Fat delivery – technical details
09:15Lymphoedema: Workup and treatment options
Maria Mani
10:30Multidisciplinary Meeting
Reconstruction, immediate or delayed, different techniques. Case discussions
All faculty, participants
12:00LUNCH and Farewell


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