Uppsala Breast Meeting 1, 2024

22-24 May, 2024

Dear colleagues,

We welcome you to the first Uppsala Breast Meeting, v1, May 22-24, 2024! It is a perfect time to visit Uppsala, late spring/early summer, the light is present until late evening and the sun rises before you!

Our aim with the meeting is to highlight current issues regarding the management of breast diseases. Of course, breast cancer is most important, being the most prevalent cancer type in women. At the same time, diagnostics today are improving, detecting more and more early cancer lesions. The surgical techniques have developed, and nowadays it is more often possible to perform tissue-sparing surgery with minimal scars. In case of larger surgery is needed, immediate reconstruction is an option, as well as contralateral surgery aiming for symmetry.

The meeting will highlight the handling of small lesions, axillary surgery, reconstruction and handling of lymphatic drainage problems. The meeting will be in conjunction with the patient organization for Breast Cancer, and public lectures will be offered.

The scientific programme is produced in association with GReTA, (Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advances), who will use the opportunity to spread knowledge in the field.

We look forward to this first Uppsala Breast Meeting, and to the upcoming discussions!


Department of Surgical Sciences, Uppsala University
Co-organizers: Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advances (GReTA), Italy
Department of Surgery, Uppsala University Hospital

Organizing committee:

Per Hellman, Bengt Isaksson, Andreas Karakatsanis, Susanna Kauhanen, Maria Mani, Eirini Pantiora  (all Uppsala, Sweden)
Maurizio Bruno Nava, Milano, Italy, Giuseppe Catanuto, Catania, Italy, Nicola Rocco, Naples, Italy (all GReTA).


Academic Conferences - conference secretariat
E-mail: uppsalabreast@akademikonferens.se
Phone: +46 18 67 15 33 or +46 18-67 10 03


Important dates

Registration is open

21-23 May, 2024 - Conference


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Akademiska Sjukhuset
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